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Kids are incredible

Kids are just amazing!  I’ve been teaching guitar to a few young kids who are about 10 or 11.  And even though in some cases their hands aren’t quite big enough to hold the chords, they try so hard and they’re just completely fearless!  Week after week I’m surprised at how quickly they learn the previous week’s lesson.

Today kids have access to everything and they have such diverse interests in music.  In one lesson I might be teaching 90s pop then the next lesson might be 70s and 80s rock then it might be a Beatles tune after that.  In some way, I think it might be easier to teach kids than adults.  Even for basic music theory!

It’s June… must be time for recitals!

Okay… I meant to post about this a few weeks ago but I’ve been too busy.  Now that I have a moment to breathe, I don’t want to forget about this one…

A new friend on mine asked me to help out with a recital for her (piano) students.  At first I think I signed up for 3 songs.  I think I wound up playing 17 (18?) at the end.  It was really way too much fun… I kept asking for more songs.  🙂

This was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this.  The songs are mostly pop/rock stuff.  They weren’t very hard to play… maybe except for the Queen tunes which I made sure I learned note for note (and I’m so glad to have had a reason to learn these… was always too lazy to actually sit down to go over these Brian May solos… anyway…. )

Most of the students are very young.  5th and 6th graders.  Some were even younger.  I was so impressed with them!  They all work so hard.  One group of kids have their own band (Emeralds of July, — very talented!  I wish I had that much skill and confidence at their age!
The recital was last weekend and I thought it went fairly smoothly.  Usually I would list the songs but truthfully, I can’t remember!  It was like a blur.  First time I had to depend on charts.  Hats off to my friend Lisa (the teacher) for coordinating everything!

I was saying… it was my first time performing in this type of setting and I’m really glad to have had the experience.  I’ve always played in bands and whether I was a “member” or a “hired gun”, I was always part of the “front-line”.  I never played guitar in a “staged show” as a musician backing up dancers, etc.

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending my niece’s recital.  (No, I’m not playing)  She’ll be performing in one of the world’s most famous concert halls!  Wow, what a thrill!
All this is reminding me that I should continue the lessons I was posting… so… maybe I’ll get back to that in the near future…