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The Unanswered Question – Leonard Bernstein


Is this it??

I was never a big MJ fan.  But I think that might have changed after seeing this movie.

The amount of creativity, energy, professionalism, and emotion that he puts into creating a concert experience is mind-boggling!

The movie itself was very good.  It’s basically a bunch of clips of the rehearsals.  I also really enjoyed the extras.  There were 2 interviews that stood out for me…

One was with his keyboardist who talked about how Michael had a towel with him each day (wiping off sweat from all the dancing, I’m sure) and needed a place to put it.  MJ would ask him very nicely if it would be okay to put it on top of one of his keyboard (or stand? … something like that).  As far as the keyboardist is concerned, this was “Michael’s house” and he can do whatever he wanted.  And he indicated that to Michael.  Then the next day, again Michael would kindly ask if it was okay to put his towel with his equipment.  He was a really courteous, respectful, considerate guy.  I guess not the self-centered diva that some might think he would be.

In another interview, his music director described a conversation he had with MJ.  They were talking about being talented and gifted.  At first, his music director was playing around saying “yeah, you’re right… we are blessed…” but then MJ got serious and said to him (something like) “No… we’re blessed with these gifts and now it’s up to us to use our gifts to help other find theirs… ”  I just found this so touching!

It made me think “is this it??”  I mean… is this all there is?  Maybe everyone would be much happier and the world would be a more peaceful place if everyone knew what their gifts were and were happy doing whatever work they were meant to do.

I think I’ll have rent this one again or even buy it.  Very inspiring.