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Planet Waves vs George L

I have been using a home-made pedal board for a long time.  When I first started, I was using short (3″-6″) right-angled cables by different manufacturers.  They did okay but they were always too thick to allow the pedals to sit closer to each other.

I switched to George L’s a few years ago.  For a time, they worked great.  The cables are thin.  They conduct well.  And the plugs are very small especially the right angled ones.  But after a while, the cable started failing (on stage sometimes!).  I think there’s a flaw in the design of the angled ones.   The way they work is the you push the cable in then bend it 90 degrees.   Then a screw is used to keep the cable in.  The screw would push against the cable.  In some of the ones that failed, the screw had rubbed away some of the rubber.

I recently switched some of the George L’s with Planet Waves Solderless ones.  They seem to be working well but time will tell if they’ll have problems too.  But at least the plugs are designed a bit smarter.  The cable is pushed in but not bent.  The 90 degree angle is built into the plug (I guess there could be a cable that’s bending there but at least it’s not exposed or rubbed against with a piece of metal… I hope).  Once the cable is pushed into the plug, a set screw is used from the side to hold the cable in place.  This should be less ware and tare on the the cable.

The draw back, though, is that the planet waves cables and plugs are a bit bigger so now I’m not able to fit as many pedals on the board again.  But they’re still a bit better than other cables.