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Peavey Vypyr — Pat, I’d like to buy a vowel please…

Got this amp used on Craigslist for a pretty good price (I think).  Tried it out for a couple of minutes the other day just to make sure everything works.  It seems to have a lot of sounds in it.  It’s a very, very light amp — perfect to carry around.  Tonight will be the big test — going to try using it to give a lesson.  We’re working on Back in Black (AC/DC).  So I’ll be trying to dialing in some classic, Marshall stack like distortion with some nice overtones.  It’s got to sound decent with power chords, full chords, and blues licks.  So we’ll see.  Sure beats lugging around an amp and a huge pedal board.

Vox AC15CC — Welcome to the Family

Okay.  Quick note.  Just got this great little amp.  Used it live for the first time 2 weeks ago.  Everything sounded great through it.  All my pedals, guitars, etc.  I just love it when it’s like plug-n-play.  The output level is just perfect!  The only thing is I still like the Holy Grail for reverb better.  I really haven’t found a built-in reverb I like so I guess I’m not surprised.

Anyway, now I’m really looking forward to playing with this thing and the Blade tele.  There’s so much depth and warmth and chime!

More lessons coming soon… I hope!

Benefit Gig, 2nd Year

I’m pretty psyched about playing the benefit gig again for a local volunteer firehouse.  We have about a month to put the set together (just like last year).  Some of the songs from last year are going to make it into this year’s list.  Some we’re replacing.  So we have about 6 new tunes to learn.  Not bad….

Again, J&H sounds great.  I don’t have my Mesa Boogie MkIIb anymore.  I’ll be playing through a little Fender Pro Jr.  I’ve been using this for jams.  And I also used this at the recital.

I’ve been getting some positive comments on it which helps.  Over the years, I’ve been so used to having a “big” amp (60W, 100W, etc.).  Now I don’t have one and am depending on this little guy and just keeping my fingers crossed that it sounds okay.

Actually, I love this little guy.  In fact, it makes me wonder what I’ve been lugging a heavy amp around for all those years!  Well… this little guy only has a 10′ cone so it doesn’t get very deep.  But it does alright and I love the responsiveness.  I’m not sure if the Mesa Boogie preamp tubes have anything to do with it.

In any case, it’s going to be a great time!  I’m going to use the wireless this time and I’ll be able to move around the stage more.  Instead of using the piezo out of the Brian Moore, I’m going to try using a A/B switch going into a Boss Acoustic Simulator.  It sounds okay.  Totally worth it for the freedom!