Monthly Archives: November 2011

Star-Spangled Banner

I’ve been teaching one of my students how to play the Star-Spangled Banner. This student is really into it. It was his suggestion actually. I’m hoping to be able to use this song to show him a variety of playing techniques: slide, hammer-on, pull-offs, bends, 3-note per string runs, etc. I’m pretty psyched about it.

I found this video of 3 great guitarist each having a different take on it.  Which version do you like best? (I actually remember seeing Vai play that live on MTV.  Wow, I’m dating myself!)

Kids are incredible

Kids are just amazing!  I’ve been teaching guitar to a few young kids who are about 10 or 11.  And even though in some cases their hands aren’t quite big enough to hold the chords, they try so hard and they’re just completely fearless!  Week after week I’m surprised at how quickly they learn the previous week’s lesson.

Today kids have access to everything and they have such diverse interests in music.  In one lesson I might be teaching 90s pop then the next lesson might be 70s and 80s rock then it might be a Beatles tune after that.  In some way, I think it might be easier to teach kids than adults.  Even for basic music theory!