The IDP Gig & The Larrivee

Simple Souls, my original project, played at The Peaceful Center last night.

What a great night!  So much fun!  The band did a great job!  Tim and Kim, the new members, worked really hard in the past few weeks learning new songs and working out parts.  We’re so happy to have them in the band.

My board starting having some problems in the last few weeks, though.  The XLR input to channel 5 is not working.  It’s now dedicated to 1/4″ only (ie guitars).  Channel 7 is completely dead.  I think it’s the gain knob.  But despite all that, we were able to get everything mic-ed.  Overall, the system did a very good job.

I’ve been using my Larrivee a lot since I got it. It’s pretty much my main guitar for all gigs. But I haven’t used it with another guitarist.

The other guitarist, Tim, is using two Taylors both with the Expression System (6-string and 12-string). They both sound awesome! So the trick was to make sure the Larrivee and the Taylors blended well together. I wanted them to have distinct voices and compliment each other.

Man, I love the controls on this guitar. It has a pre-amp by B-Band. I think the model is A6..? B-Band now has different models and Larrivee is now putting in LR Baggs systems. In any case… This is a “dual source” system with an AST pickup (acoustic soundboard transducer) and UST pickup (under saddle transducer). It has a slider for blending the two signals. I find that I’m about 90% on the UST side.

Before this, being the only guitar in the band, I had no need to play with the controls other than the EQ. For this, I found the phase switch to be really helpful. Although, I’m still trying to figure out how to use the notch and frequency controls effectively.

During the gig, I was increasing my volume for solos. But at some point, I found that I wasn’t cutting through as much as I’d like. So I increased my mids also and that did the trick. Awesome! Remember: mids is your friend!

Now I just need to fix up my board so I can get a volume pedal and tuner back in my chain.  And maybe the LR Baggs Para DI too.

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