Guitar Lesson – Music Theory Part 6.6

I’m not a big fan of 6.  I don’t know why… maybe under different circumstances we could have been friends… but sometimes a number just rubs you the wrong way… know what I mean??

I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of advice on how to use chords with 6 in them.

I think my favorite way of holding this chord is using this shape.  It sounds pretty nice when you use arpeggios.

I’ve been told that the 6 chord is use in a lot of Christmas music.

But one of my favorite chords with the 6 note in it is by adding it to the sus4 chord.

Sometimes I like to use this instead of the normal sus4 chord.  I like holding this using the 1st finger across to hold all 3 strings (in this case, on 2nd fret) then apply the 2nd and 3rd fingers in front.

Try going back and forth between this chord and the normal root chord (in this case, A major).

Another way to think of this chord might be D/A (that’s “D over A” or “D slash A”) or 2nd inversion D.  We’ll get into those type of chords in future posts.

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